Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

Get Paid Instanly With Just a Click

Welcome to my Neobux review. You may of heard of the best PTC like Neobux before, maybe you’re already a member, if so, then you know what you are a part of.

The truth is, in all honesty – Neobux is 100% legit, and has been since it was established back in 2008. NeoBux is a website which pays its users to view regular Internet ads. This guide helps you to get started earning money with NeoBux without spending a single cent.Ads are available every day and you get paid from $0.001 – $0.020 depending on the ads that you view. There are 4 different types of ads – Micro Exposure, Mini Exposure, Extended Exposure, and Standard Exposure.

The NeoBux platform is already established and has been proven to be a true money maker. Now it’s up to you to use it. A positive mindset and some patience is all it takes to prosper with Neobux.

The key to success with NeoBux is referrals, which means referred members (from now on called ”refs”). If you don’t own any refs, you won’t make any money. You can actually rent referrals that come in packs. From a 3 referral pack that costs $0.60 to a 100 referral pack that costs $20.00. (You can rent beyond 100 referrals when you upgrade to Golden, Ultimate, etc..)You rent referrals for 30 days, and you can always extend them for periods in 15 days blocks or daily using AutoPay. Autopay is a must, since you will be able to save more money when Autopay is enabled.

The easiest way to obtain refs is to rent them directly from NeoBux. In other words you rent another member from NeoBux (no programmed bots) without this persons knowledge. This way you earn money each time any of your refs clicks an ad. If you rent an inactive ref, who doesn’t click ads, this person won’t generate any money for you. Therefore you can choose to recycle a ref and replace it with a new one, but more about that later

AutoPay Info

So anyway, you get credited when your referrals click their ads, anywhere from $0.0100 – $0.0050 depending on the type of ads they click and the amount of ads they view. The greatest thing for me about Neobux, is that you can rent referrals instead of having to try and get people yourself to sign up to Neobux. Of course you can do that, that’s even better, but it’s not necessary as long as you are active and manage your rented referrals.

(Important: In order to get credited for your referrals clicks, you must at least view 4 ads daily, going by the Neobux time-server and you must view the orange fixed advertisements, extended or exposure advertisements.)

When you first become a Neobux member, you receive a standard membership, which is free of course. You can eventually upgrade to Golden membership for $90/annually. That price might be a bit steep, however you will earn much more! You can build $90 in your main balance over time. The more rented referrals you obtain over time, the quicker you will reach $90. This way, you don’t need to invest out of your own money, which is a common strategy that a lot of Neobux members use. Once upgraded to golden, the magic starts to happen and you can start earning up to $60 a day or more!

The key is to upgrade to golden membership and obtain 2000 rented referrals. You must need patience in the Neobux game, because most people don’t have patience and give up on Neobux, when many people are already earning thousands a month.


You can definitely make a substantial amount of money on a monthly basis as you can see from the images. PayPal, Payza, and Neteller are the payment processors that Neobux uses. I personally use PayPal, it’s quick and you can withdraw daily, minimum is $2.00. But, I’m looking to withdraw $50 and beyond daily, as I hope that sounds good to you too.

There is even an ultimate upgrade option that can enable you to earn even more over $120+/day!!! When you upgrade to an Ultimate membership, Neobux enables you to rent up to 4000 referrals, and now were talking up $120/day or more that you can absolutely earn.

- Solid and stable multi-million dollar company in business and growing for over 4 years
- Earn DAILY
- Instant Payouts
- Paypal and Payza Certified
- International
- Takes 5-10 minutes per day

You can start sign up NOW and start clicking. Add the site to your daily rounds so you never forget to click a day. Consider making it your homepage so you don't forget! Start building up to renting referrals so that eventually you have an army of clickers making you money every day!